Hello! Welcome to our homepage.

We, GL Chem which strives for the co-existence of human beings and nature, pursue customers¡¯ happiness beyond customers¡¯ satisfaction. We produce and supply environment-friendly defoaming agents necessary for various industries, food processing, and water treatment, various functional silicone products and industrial materials that are added to personal care, and natural CMC products that are added to foods to improve the stability and functionality of products. We, pursuing the best all the time, will immediately work for customers¡¯ demands and will do our best to understand customers¡¯ needs first and to meet with them. We hope this homepage will give you the answers to any of your questions and useful information. And if you feel any inconvenience and shortage, we would like you to reprimand and support us. All the executives and staffs of GL Chem will do our best to give useful information to you, customers, who visit our homepage.

Thank you very much.

Lee Won-Min, CEO of GL Chem
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