High-Functional Additives for Personal care and Cosmetics

SOF-TOU is a high-concentration silicone emulsion that dimethicone and amodimethicone, major ingredients, are emulsified. It is non-poisonous and harmless to the human body. Applied to hair and body care products, it shows remarkable moisturizing, softening, and elastic effects.
  General Properties and Specifications
Product Name Useful Ingredients Viscosity (cps) pH Particle (зн) Use Major Ingredients and Features
SE-6000 48~57% 1,000 and below 6.0~8.0 4.5~6.5 1 ~ 3 Universal Dimethicone
SE-6700 60~65% 1,000 cps and below 5.0~7.0 10 ~ 20 Shampoo Dimethicone(Gum)
SE-6800 70~75% 2,000 cps and below 5.5~7.5 1 ~ 9 Rinse only Dimethicone(Gum), Amodimethicone
SE-7000 72~78% 2,000 cps and below 5.5~7.5 5 ~ 15 Both shampoo and rinse Dimethicone
SE-1000 52~62% 1,000~9,000 cps  5.5~7.5 1 Universal EP
  We develop the products that are suitable for your conditions and uses in addition to the above products, so please contact our R&D Center and sales division.
  - Excellent common use with water-soluble hair care products
- Excellent adhesiveness to hair after washing
- Giving brightness and softness to shampoo and rinse
  - Possible to be used to both shampoo and rinse
- Hair-brightening agent for shampoo, Hair-protecting agent, Softness-improving agent
- Hair-brightening agent for rinse, Coating agent for the protection of hair
  How to use
  In general, input a silicone hair care product as much as 3~7% of total raw materials, and increase or decrease the quantity of its use for the improvement in the quality.
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