Water-Soluble Acryl Polymer Product
Chelathin - 400 Series
Chelathin-400 Series has the function of chelating heavy metals, positive ions, and magnesium that zeolite cant have. It has remarkable dispersibility so it prevents the pollutants dispersed in a detergent from adhering to laundry.
  General Properties and Specifications
Product Name 400HS 400CS 400CD
Appearance Light brown transparent liquid
Viscosity(at 25) 1,000 cps and below
pH(1%-diluted solution) 6.5~7.5
Solid About 40%
Ion Negative ion
Molecular Weight About 3,500 About 7,000 About 10,000
Specific Gravity (at 20) 1.25~1.30 1.10~1.15
Type of Base Sodium Sodium Sodium
Calcium Binding Capacity as CaCO3 210mg/g or more 200mg/g or more 150mg/g or more
Calcium Dispersing Capacity as CaCo3 60 and more 60 and more -
Polymer type Homopolymer Copolymer Copolymer
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  - As a metal ion blocking agent, it has the chelating function for magnesium ions that zeolite doesnt have, and    compared with other chelathin, it has remarkable chelating functions for calcium and magnesium.
- Its slurry thinning effect is great so it can increase filler load. It needs less water for spray drying so it can
   make an energy-saving effect.
- It has strong anion features so it prevents pollutants from adhering to the laundry again.
- It has proper adhesiveness so it helps the granules of a powder detergent round, which improves the flow
   of a powder detergent.
- As far as a lot of moisture is not lost, it is not separated or its properties are not changed even though it is
   kept at 60 and below for a long time or frozen and thawed repeatedly.
How to use
  - When you want to totally replace STPP or zeolite powder detergent with Chelathin-400CS/HS, use 1 ea of    Chelathin-400 for 4 ea of STPP or zeolite. When you want to replace a part of STPP or zeolite with
   Chelathin-400CS/HS, control it based on the same standards. In the case of using Chelathin-400CD for a
   liquid detergent that needs transparency, use 1 ea of Chelathin-400CD for 4 ea of aqueous builder.
- In the case of using Chelathin-400CS/HS for lowering the viscosity of slurry, it is sufficiently effective to
   use 1.0~2.0% for the total amount of useful ingredients.
- When mixing slurry with a powder detergent, make it prior to the input of filler. 0.5~2.0% of the total
   amount of useful ingredients of a powder detergent is suitable.
- In the case of using Chelathin-400Cd for a liquid detergent, 0.5~2.0% of a finished product is suitable.
  - 250Kg PE Drum , Bulk (Tank lorry)
  - Keep in a cool, dark place, and seal it up after use.
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